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  1. Mikorist

    Kafanica . . .

    Šta kao kukanje teško se živi a pola grada na trotinetima od 500 jura
  2. Mikorist

    Kafanica . . .

  3. Mikorist

    Zanimljive i smesne slike

    Federer propo
  4. Mikorist

    Postanje, tajne svemira i šta dalje?

    U Aliti je izbio rat između Zemlje i Marsa - a borbe su vođene i na Mesecu. Sajborzi će da budu geometri
  5. Mikorist

    HI - END za gurmane I HI - FI za pocetnike

    aha, i drven toster
  6. Mikorist

    Postanje, tajne svemira i šta dalje?

    “From the study of past climate, we know changes in the Amoc have been some of the most abrupt and impactful events in the history of climate,” said Prof Stefan Rahmstorf, at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany and one of the world’s leading oceanographers, who led some of the new research. During the last Ice Age, winter temperatures changed by up to 10C within three years in some places.“We are dealing with a system that in some aspects is highly non-linear, so fiddling with it is very dangerous, because you may well trigger some surprises,” he said. “I wish I knew where this critical tipping point is, but that is unfortunately just what we don’t know. We should avoid disrupting the Amoc at all costs. It is one more reason why we should stop global warming as soon as possible.” Oceanographer Peter Spooner, at University College London, shares the concern: “The extent of the changes we have discovered comes as a surprise to many, including myself, and points to significant changes in the future.” A collapse in the Amoc would mean far less heat reaching western Europe and plunge the region into very severe winters, the kind of scenario depicted in an extreme fashion in the movie The Day After Tomorrow. A widespread collapse of deep-sea ecosystems has also been seen in the past. But as the Amoc weakens, it might actually increase summer heatwaves. That is because it takes time for the cooling of the northern waters to also cause cooling over the adjacent lands. However, the cooler waters affect the atmosphere in a way that helps warm air to flood into Europe from the south, a situation already seen in 2015.Other new research this week showed that Greenland’s massive ice cap is melting at the fastest rate for at least 450 years. This influx will continue to weaken the Amoc into the future until human-caused climate change is halted, but scientists do not not know how fast the weakening will be or when it reaches the point of collapse. “Many people have tried to check that with computer models,” said Rahmstorf. “But they differ a lot because it depends on a very subtle balance of density – that is temperature and salinity distribution in the ocean. We are not able to model this with any confidence right now.” “We are hoping to somehow make some headway, but I have been in this area for more than 20 years now and we still don’t understand why the models differ so much in the sensitivity of the Amoc,” he said. However, Rahmstorf said the international climate deal agreed in 2015 offers some hope if its ambition is increased and achieved: “If we can keep the temperature rise to well below 2C as agreed in the Paris agreement, I think we run a small risk of crossing this collapse tipping point.” https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/apr/13/avoid-at-all-costs-gulf-streams-record-weakening-prompts-warnings-global-warming
  7. Mikorist

    HI - END za gurmane I HI - FI za pocetnike

  8. Mikorist

    Kafanica . . .

    Kurvanje je uz politiku,najstariji zanat 🤡🤡🤡🤡 obzirom da " alat nije sapun" ...neće se potrošiti https://www.atvbl.com/vijesti/hronika/maca-diskrecija-uhapsena-zbog-prostitucije-17-7-2019?
  9. Mikorist

    HI - END za gurmane I HI - FI za pocetnike

    Ima i takvih studija - dvorana za snimanje klasike - obično filmske muzike. Svi mikrofoni su unapred namešteni na najmanje 8 pozicija. Te imaš najmanje 16 kanala koji se snimaju. Inžinjer zvuka ne mora da bude na mestu gde se snima - može da dobije preko interneta taj zapis u fajlovima. A onda da ih razvrsta - izniveliše gain za svaki kanal - lakira taj master . Eventualno tehničaru kaže da ispomera ugao mikrofona ako nije dobar.
  10. Mikorist

    HI - END za gurmane I HI - FI za pocetnike

    Mora da prođe kroz nešto. Neko mora da zabiberi i posoli.... Inače se tonci ne bi koristili . Dovoljan ti je digitalni Tascam snimač i (jednom u životu namestiš) dva mikrofona i otpustiš sve inžinjere zvuka. Ko im j* mat* A takav sirov snimak ne ide u produkciju. Sem ako nije posebna produkcija. Sirova
  11. Mikorist

    HI - END za gurmane I HI - FI za pocetnike

    Dosta izdanja za Deutsche Grammophon radio je Gregor Schweiger. Svasta ima od modula i konzola. I treba da ima.
  12. Mikorist

    HI - END za gurmane I HI - FI za pocetnike

    Vi mislite da se tu ne koristi Melodin https://amphion.fi/userstories/paul-wolff-console-and-amphion-studio-monitors-surround-sound-setup-at-schweiger-studios-berlin/ Gregor Schweiger had just enrolled at a university in “some kind of engineering” – just to please his parents – when he also started touring as a guitarist with a hardcore band. A few years on, he realized that being behind the console in a studio made him happier than performing. Things became more serious when he commenced a sound-engineering major at the college and captured an internship with the Berlin Philharmonic. In early 2017, Gregor made his dreams come true by opening Schweiger Studios. He built it almost from scratch and had the chance to design it exactly the way he wanted – a recording and mixing facility with a 55 sq. m. live room, two isolation booths and a 28 sq. m. control room. What really gives it punch is the Steinway D grand piano and the first-of-its-kind fully analog, surround sound Fix Audio Designs console – designed by Paul Wolff. The console is based on 500-series modules, offering two 500 series slots per channel. Currently, Gregor takes advantage of a mix of modules by CAPI, Electrodyne/Pete’s Place Audio, Great River, Tonelux, IGS Audio, WesAudio, Lipinski and Retro Instruments. The side-rack carries all his preamps by Pueblo Audio, BAE, Electrodyne, Gyraf, Tonelux, CAPI, Chandler, with the effects by Bricasti and Eventide. His mastering chain consists of Gyraf EQ & Compressor, and a Foote Control Mastering Compressor. The digital control of his Nuendo 7 and the variety of plugins like Brainworx, Slate, Flux, McDSP, Universal Audio, Melodyne is dedicated to a Slate Digital Raven MTi2 touch controller. The AD/DA is handled by two Merging Technologies Horus Interfaces.
  13. https://www.theringer.com/2019/7/14/20693870/novak-djokovic-roger-federer-wimbledon-final-2019