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IT razno.

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No Such Agency može da mi ga podudla sa svim podacima iz svih mejlova koje sam ikada napisao poslao i primio. Inače, ovo je već stara vest (2013) i nikoga više nije briga :P

Ne znam što se lep i zgodan i nadasve sposoban i inteligentan lik kao ti stalno prima na ovakve teorije zavere.

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Meni vec 24h pobudalio internet.

Skajp puca, gmail otvaram na mahove, Fejsbuk baguje...YouTube jedva.

Sve sajtove u EU otvaram sjajno zajedno sa diyaudio.rs. Preko bare usporeno.

Zvao provajdera kazu : "da nije do njih" - "spoljni linkovi van Srbije pucaju"... :buehehe:


Jos nekom baguje ?

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Nisam primjetio neke pojave čudnije od uobičajenih, ali zadnja dva dana sam manje na netu nego inače, pa možda nisam potrefio trenutak ili stranice koje zezaju.

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Guramo dalje    :D 

The following companies just betrayed billions of people.


Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec, and a handful of other tech companies just began publicly lobbying Congress to pass Cyber Threat Information Sharing legislation, like CISA, a bill that would give corporations total legal immunity when they share private user data with the government and with each other. Many of these companies have previously claimed to fight for their users' privacy rights, but by supporting this type of legislation, they've made it clear that they've abandoned that position, and are willing to endanger their users' security and civil rights in exchange for government handouts and protection.

Tell them why they're on the wrong side of history.  


Fight for the Future will deliver your email and send you campaign updates. Privacy

We are boycotting Salesforce / Heroku. Click here to learn more.[/size] These companies sold us out.  

What does it take for some of the biggest competitors in the tech industry to put their differences aside and 
sign a letter endorsing hugely unpopular surveillance legislation that's been lambasted by privacy groups and security experts? Sweeping legal immunity. Worse, these companies know that their customers hate CISA, and so they’re jumping into the water together, hoping there’s safety in numbers. After all, you can’t blame Microsoft if Apple is doing the same thing, right?
In the letter, these companies didn't come right out and say they were endorsing CISA. Instead, they asked Congress to "act promptly" to pass "Cyber Threat Information Sharing Legislation." But these companies aren't stupid. They know that the Senate will vote on CISA soon, and will use this letter as cover to say the tech industry supports it.

What's wrong with CISA?  

If you’re not up to speed, CISA is a mass surveillance bill posing as a “cybersecurity” bill. Congress has been blindly scrambling to react to the OPM hacks, and their solution is a giveaway to the NSA and giant corporations:
  • All privacy policies effectively null and void. Companies can shareany private user data with the government, without a warrant, as long as the government says it is being used for a “cybersecurity” purpose.
  • Data is shared with a wide array of government agencies, from the FBI and NSA, to the IRS and local law enforcement.
  • In exchange, companies are given blanket immunity from civil and criminal laws, like fraud, money laundering, or illegal wiretapping (if a violation was committed or exposed in the process of sharing data).
  • Companies that play along can get otherwise classified intelligence data from the government, including private information about their competitors.
Learn more about CISA

tek ce internet da se raspadne.  sad mi je jasno sta je i ko je  . . . 2zrjpr9.png  :buehehe:

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Juce od podne u firmi na dva gmail naloga, preko vise racunara probano, problem. Ne otvara, jedino preko slow connection opcije, i to kilavi posle x minuta. Dodjem kuci, ista stvar. Probam ponovo oko 7 uvece, sve normalno.

Mislim da sam cak video na nekom sajtu da je bili dosta prijavljenih slucajeva iz Srbije, Engleske i Japana u to vreme... Isto se dogodilo, cini mi se, polovinom avgusta, samo sto je tada trajalo skoro 24 sata, vrlo zajebano mi bilo za komunikacije u firmi. Ko za inat, oba puta bila frka, neko narucivanje, kupovine, a mailovi ne rade. Bzvz.

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