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  1. Few my DIY projects

    Clarification, this is a polyurethane primer, I will be make veneer on the on cabinet's with "Birds of Maple".The first home tests are good.My current surround speakers of " Technics" CA-10 with a good sound from 1997, they are sadly retreated himself ... After the measurements, this is are Technical data:Frequence Range; 33-25000 HzLong term Max Power; 200 WCrossover Frequency; 2800 HzImpedance; 4 OhmsSensitivity; 90 db SPLCabinet Volume; 31 LGross weight / without stand /; 27kg.Joro RaitchevSofia- Bulgaria
  2. Few my DIY projects

    Several steps to the moment with measurements ...
  3. Few my DIY projects

    Масивно дрво; буква, храст или егзотични, нису врло погодни за колоне. Има сопствени звук, који је минус, а због његове недоследности се не препоручује, посебно за предњи бик са великим отворима.
  4. Few my DIY projects

    ^ Very impressive speech! It is filled with deep knowledge - from mathematics to marketing. Thank you very much, I even realized that myself I is made in the wrong way!
  5. Few my DIY projects

    Quote: Početnik "Mozda ovako da je deblja noga kao slovenci sto rade..." Such a design- never!They look like cut trees in the park. Massive wood for speakers - a very bad idea!
  6. Few my DIY projects

    Relax , there is a lot of work still on the stand! Similar was the situation with the bases of the central pillars;
  7. Few my DIY projects

    And a risky picture (everything is supported by gravity), how look for compared to the front speakers, are not on one line, but I rely on your imagination.
  8. Few my DIY projects

    A small structural change for the side panels, last layer is 1 x 4 mm plywood and everything is re ady for the measurements.
  9. Few my DIY projects

    I continue with the collection of the cabinet; Now I can make the exact measurement of the volume. And that's 31.5l, just as much as I need!Oh, l forget to show you what I did to get that volume!I maked a filter compartment (for the MW and TW), the W section will be in the box; I previously make the last layer-10 mm MDF / to get a sandwich construction / on the front panel and the bottom; Last constructive action ; After 10 hours I will install the last layers of 2 x 4 mm bent MDF;
  10. Few my DIY projects

    And the original model will look like this;
  11. Few my DIY projects

    I have an idea to make a new project to in the base there should be two 10" loudspeakers - just an idea. They look like animals, maybe dinosaurs, but important are 20Hz.
  12. Few my DIY projects

    Preprocessing of the internal ribbing; I can now start collecting the cabinet;
  13. Few my DIY projects

    I will certainly do so on this date, but I have not specified which year will be .
  14. Few my DIY projects

    I'm sorry, some total trickery with my the server and the internet! My brandy is 50 degrees, but it's not the problem.
  15. Few my DIY projects