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Windows 10, Windows 7 i ostala WIN familija

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Miko, je li procedura ista i za OEM verzije Win 7?


ista je za sve. a evo opsirnije :



no, poenta nije u verzijama. (mada je po meni bolje imati i rezervisati Win 10 pro), :thumbsup: 

vec da li je tekuci WIN7  za Mikrosoft (server) ONLAJN genuine.  (na bilo koji nacin) :sarcastic_hand: 

ako jeste prilikom apgrejda u tom momentu (iskljucivo ako je povezan PC na internet) , hardware becomes your unique activation key :buehehe:

odnosno hardver (maticna ploca) se legalizuje za WIN 10.


Mislim da je WIN 10 brz (sve brzi sa novim zakrpama)- nije zahtevan - logicno napravljen(za promenu) - prost za apgrejd (sve drajvere, aplikacije i podatke je pokupio- cak se i ikonice na desktop-u nalaze na istom mestu kao i na Win7) - koristi ("krade")ideje i od Linuxa i od MacOSX - nekome moze da zasmeta reklamiranje proizvoda koji nude - ali to isto ima i MacOSX - pa cak i Ubuntu... :computerguy:

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Windows 7 OEM on the other hand utilises a generic OEM SLP key and cert file, input from the installation media. There are markers present in the BIOS for "Windows 7" however there is no unique product key residing in the BIOS. Moreover these markers do not have any distinguishability on Windows 7 OEM Edition. e.g. a Dell Windows 7 Home Premium Reinstallation DVD will install and activate on a system which came with Windows 7 Professional. The user will be incorrectly licensed but it'll work.

Their license depends on the COA affixed to the system however many/most COAs fade and users cannot get help from Microsoft or the OEM for recovering a faded COA. Therefore if the key on the COA must be used, many users will be stuck without help from the OEM or Microsoft.

On the other hand if a utility is required which detects the previous install. Users who went from Windows 7 → Windows 10 Technical Preview would likely have to Reinstall their Operating system in order to prove they had an original Windows OS. However it may be impossible for users who didn't backup their installations in advance using the OEM utility such as Dell Backup and Recovery, have a faded COA and don't have Windows 7 Installation media.

It is possible Microsoft will have a utility that certifies that their BIOS was Windows 7 compliant (had the Windows 7 SLP markers) and then provides them with a new product key, as mentioned there is no distinguishability on Edition; would a user with a Windows 7 Starter License get the same Edition as a user with a Windows 7 Ultimate license? Likewise for Windows 8.1 it is also a waste of time, money and effort to purchase reinstallation media to reinstall an old operating system in order to migrate to a new one.

Past Solution: Install the Windows 10 Insider with a Microsoft Account to get a free upgrade to Windows 10 RTM.

Microsoft are not allowing new Windows 10 Insider Devices as RTM is being released.

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4 racunara sam apgrejdovao od sinoc.  nikakav problem . nista ne trazi ni Mikrosoft Account .


naravno apgrejdovao sam ih na  Windows 10 Build 10240 RTM  .


procureo je RTM direct link ESD (za 29-i)


Insajderr vise ne koristim.    :buehehe: 

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