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Few my DIY projects

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15 hours ago, Dacho said:

On the first picture...

The first image is a "matrix" of her bending 8 layers x 4 mm MDF/ she did not participate in the construction/.

This aluminum foil  is to not to  to be glued the layers in bending.

Sorry, I do not understand!


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On 31.01.2017 г. at 1:37 AM, jororaitchev said:

Нищо криминално. Благодаря Ви, улеснихте задачата ми и ...я обезсмислихте. Не знам, дали има смисъл да пускам другият проект?

Добро вече !
Живимо у глобалном свету, нема велика изненађења у информације.

These columns have their new  owner and I work on a new project.

To move the evening!

I decided to move my evening as you presented
my new project:


идея 1-1.jpg


идея 5-5.jpg

idea 3.jpg

идея 6-6.jpg



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Hi Zhoro. Very nice. For some time I have also followed bulgarian diyaudio scene, but over time lost contact since I haven't been to Bulgaria since 2006 (I lived in Blagoevgrad for 5 years-student days). If I ever come again (if my wife allows-guess why :) I will come to listen to these speakers!

Vsichko dobro and just continue posting speaker pics! :)

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