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  1. Magura

    Steampunk TPA3116

    That's a real nice amp you've made there. Magura
  2. Well, I can assure you it's all like taken out of the everyday life in Sweeden They're all like that, and it gets worse if you give them alcohol, much worse. Magura
  3. Magura

    Нова година !

    Merry Christmas, and happy new year. See you around. Magura
  4. Ok, I'll lok into this when I get back home, and send you a pair. Just left for Switzerland again. Magura
  5. Magura

    DIY gramofon - III

    Hmm, that place looks familiar
  6. Bad news. I have 8 and 10mm ceramic bearings, but nothing around 6mm. The second best solution then, is graphite loaded PTFE. This however is super easy to make bearings of, as you can cold set them with a minimum of force. Magura
  7. I'm Switzerland right now, but will be back home next week. I'll look and see what I can find for you then. 6mm sounds like something I may have in stock. Magura
  8. That sounds like a good starting point. What's the diameter of your axle? I may have a couple of ceramic bearings for you. Magura
  9. I sure have suggestions The wider the bearing, the less edge load it will see, thus the lower load per mm2. Depending what your current bearing and rod is made of, I can offer you a suggestion. My initial suggestion (again this depends of your current axle material) would be ceramic, PTFE/graphite, if your axle is ground steel. Magura
  10. That indeed depends how it's done. Which materials have you used for the bearing interface? Magura
  11. This looks like a great idea. Very simple to make. The linear bearing looks a tad narrow to me though. Magura
  12. Magura

    Čime se zanimam... (ovih dana )

    Unfortunately I'm drowning in work, and partly living in a suitcase on top of that, or rather due to that, so no Burning Amp for me this year. Dropping by sometime in the spring looks more likely. Depending how the next product industrialisation goes. Magura
  13. Magura

    Gde kupiti Arduino?

    www.hobbyking.com has a nice selection at the right price. Magura