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Robertov komentar na Big DiyA :




Hello All.

I`m the proud owner of those Amplifers. First of all I wanted Thank Zen-Mod for his courage to build me those Amplifers after my beloved first Aleph-X gave up after 8-9 yers of playing. The build quality is really great, and you have seen on the pictures. Many of yours are asking how do they sound. Well in very short: As I Like it , hooped for and way beyond that !!! ;-)
I`m sins one week not sleeping well because of those Amplifiers. You know why. Listening , Listening , admire aso.
After 2 days of continuous playing them, a friend came ( an audiophile freak ) and listened it with me. He`s a tube Lover ( Manley gear like : Manley Neo-Classic 300b and Monos Manley Snapper , Lodspeakers Davone Grande and MBL 1611F, 1621 )
This “Sisy” had tears in his eyes after 2 songs he wanted to hear. I must admit those ware very depressing songs ( don’t remember what those are ), but I think he was very delightful to hear / see this as it suppose to be reproduced. wink.gif
On last Friday I had also some Audio - lovers at my home. Very different style music lovers. From Classic, Opera – singing style , Jazz and Popular music lovers. And must say That Everybody was satisfied about the reproduction.
It`s very hard to put in words what I`m hearing and write about that. English is not my Native language , so sorry for that!
In Compare to my Old Aleph-X ( like 60W on IRFP9610 ) every good aspects like : fullness of the sound , Emotions , easiness of reproduction remained as they are. Only more real. I mean that on the Old Aleph-X , sometimes the sound was like a drama. Calling for attention in some parts of the frequencies. This is not the case with those Amplifiers. They stay real , clean ,and no adds in the sound like it was with the old Aleph-X. Just Real , and yet FULL Loaded EMOTIONS presentation. Amazing performance and the bonus is what I missed totally was the Huge SPACE and sound localization in that space. That’s what is really amazing. I had this never before. For example PL 60.8 was the Space and pinpoint bass reproduction what I liked very much. In PL 160.5 was the softness on hights , midds very pleasant thing. And here I Have those things combined together plus many many more from them all. For example the Bass is far better then any of Amplifer i had and heard. Very well defined, and very tight. Midds are very real yet very full and reach. Hights are like a sparkle in the night sky. What was mentioned very often during last listening session was the Energy of sound coming from my system. Maybe that’s why everything sounded so damn real to us yet pleasant for long listening session ( we have been listening to 3.30 in the morning ;-) )

That’s all for now , hope you understood that I was trying to tell you all about those amplifiers. I wonder how will they sound after burn-in , and how long will it take to Burn them In ?

Thank you again ZEN for those wonderful peace of instrument!!


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On 2/9/2018 at 4:56 PM, Zen Mod said:

ovo dosad se sve odnosilo na iteraciju sa 10 mosfeta po kvadrantu , tzv. 10-deep


to znaci jedna velika pcb za dva kvadranta , za sva cetiri trebaju dve pcb , svaka ide na jedan bok , dakle dve kutije za stereo = monoblok pristup


evo i iteracije za manji amp , gde ide jedna pokazana OS pcb po kanalu , dakle 5 mofeta po kvadrantu = 5-deep


jedna pcb po kanalu , dakle moguce je u jedno vece kuciste strpati stereo amp


podrazumeva se prilagodjenje source otpornika i optimizacija mirne struje ...



Ova verzija, koliko bi davala watts na 8/4?

50/30? Uz nominalnu disipaciju 150W po kanalu?

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ne pije vode ispod 200W disipacije

za razliku od "regularnih" X i XA ampova , gde je izlaz source follower , ovde je SE i ne moze da izadje iz A klase

tako da kad je ispod 200W , ubrzo dodjes do strujnog limita , tako da je  bolje napraviti standardni amp koji nije u mostu

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2 hours ago, Zen Mod said:

vracam se na ovaj txt vec treci put da skontam kako zvuci i na kraju mi ovo sinu u glavu. Necija recenica :)

My papa is smarter than yours :)

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