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Plethora of Pinjatas / SET P amp(s)

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Posted na BIg DiyA, kao i obicno mrzi me da kucam opet


Finally, Plethora of Pinjatas, origin of P series of amps

These (P) being more or less derivatives of my recent M2 derivatives ........and you know them , so no need to go in detail

So, active FE instead of buffer+autoformer Fe; biasing mech being more or less same (current sense in rails), only - with help of current mirrors, being sorta flipped upside down, vs. previous optocoupler based one

even if optocoupler based biasing is moe than good, believe me, this one is even better ...... in anything you can remember to ask about

Iq and Offset stability is bespoke, in any domain I can think of - time, temperature, rails change ( mains fluctuation), no even slightest pops during Power On and Power Off

everything to embrace Square Law OS :Viannen_loungelizard:

(aha, this one being origin, even if its bigger brother - Babelfish XA252 been made first)

OK, straight MOS being real Plethora of Pinjatas ....... (is it Mini Babelfish XA252?)

SET P being then same pcb with twist - upper mosfet in Schade arrangement (is it Mini Babelfish XA252 SET ?)

pretty close to point where I can't even follow my self, go figure :rofl:

'nuff babbling, some usual pics

schm is cumulative; down will post separate ones



Plethora of Pinjatas_SET P bottom render.png

Plethora of Pinjatas_SET P Eagle sshot.png

Plethora of Pinjatas_SET P top render.png

Plethora of Pinjatas_SET P all parts sch.png

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Proof of Da Pudding

Iq 185mV across 0R11 current sense resistors, so 1A68
Rails +/- 23Vdc

Load 8R



Plethora of Pinjatas 1W 8R.png

Plethora of Pinjatas 5W 8R.png

Plethora of Pinjatas 10W 8R.png

Plethora of Pinjatas 15W 8R.png

Plethora of Pinjatas 20W 8R.png

Plethora of Pinjatas 25W 8R.png

Plethora of Pinjatas Freq. 8R.png

Plethora of Pinjatas THD vs. Freq. 8R.png

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That done; Spooky sounding ...... but familiar - as I said - Mini Babelfish XA252 :haha:

now - few more parts added, so sch. is as this and name changed accordingly, to SET P:

SET P sch.png

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This one being Cheapskate SIT ........ or SIT Emulation, whatever

Schaded Mosfet - giving not just same wakoo current distribution between output parts as in DEFiSIT, but also having practically same output power as SissySIT - around 18W ..... after that level, everything is going Berserk

again, Proof of da Pudding;

Iq 195mV across 0R11 current sense resistors, so 1A77
Rails +/- 23Vdc

IRFP240 Ug +4V35
IRFP9140 Ug -4V78
DN2540 Ug +4V25
all ref to spk out

Load 8R

SET P 1W 8R.png

SET P 5W 8R.png

SET P 10W 8R.png

SET P 15W 8R.png

SET P 20W 8R.png

SET P Freq. 8R.png

SET P THD vs. Freq. 8R.png

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I like this pic

It reminds me of all my amps

Set P also sounding Spooky, even with slight addition of Sugar

It's boring now, all my amps are sounding similar




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ha, just for your amusement ....... funny pic

as with all pcb construction programs, first and logical step is to draw schm, hopefully imputing exact physical packages ( size, power, voltage) of parts one is going to use

when that is done, you have *sch file, with missing counterpart *.brd file

getting to that is easy step - File-Switch to pcb

then Eagle (old one, I'm working with.... for me as old sock) ask for confirmation "to create from schematic?", you give it

and outcome is something reaaaaallly frightening :rofl:

see, what's posted in #1, first was looking as:


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