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  1. starfix

    Boenicke W5 SE

    You're right, I checked sizes on picture. My FreeCAD model is already updated !
  2. starfix

    Boenicke W5 SE

    Humm, my woofer wall is 22mm thick and opposite wall 16mm. I didn't check that on pictures of real Boenicke W5. If 16mm/8mm are the good values, I'll have to cut in walls to reach that good values (happy to have a parametric FreeCAD model !) My idea is to stack several wood panels to reach the external 104mm width (16+22+22+22+22 = 104mm)
  3. starfix

    Boenicke W5 SE

    Hello Aleks, thanks for your quick answer. Crawling the WEB let appears, there's some strange things in conversion with Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator and others (72 dpi, 90 dpi, 96 dpi...). Somebody reported there's a 1.25 ratio for unknown reasons with these software. That's right, I made a workaround, applying a 125% scale to CDR objects in Inkscape, before saving as .SVG. And it worked ! In FreeCAD my W5 hole is 120mm, speaker height & width are fine, and pin locator are a classical 8mm diameter. I'll made that clone with a CNC, machining a sandwich of wood plate (16 + 22 + 22 + 22 + 22). Today my speakers just arrived from www.rumoh.eu. Please find attached a screenshot of the FreeCAD design (FE85 not yet integrated). Another question: I'am a bit surprised: I didn't seen anywhere absorber inside. Could you confirm ? I am electronician, and next step (in a far futur) will be to transform it in an active speaker, with DSP and 3 way amplifier...
  4. starfix

    Boenicke W5 SE

    Hello all, I am a beginner in DIY speakers, and I fall in love of this Boënicke W5 clone. I made several 3D modelling in FreeCAD v0.18, but each time ratio seemed to be wrong : - First time, I openend the .CDR file with inkscape 0.92, then exported it in .SVG format. Then I import it in FreeCAD as a geometry, obviously my ratio is wrong: The W5-1138 hole on the side is only 96mm diameter (W5 need a 120mm hole). - Second time, I take Aleks converted files, export it from .EPS to .SVG with. That time, W5-1138 hole is 128mm, that's could be relevant. But now the speaker height is 312mm ! (should be 293mm). I don't understand from where that mistake is coming... Could anybody help me, giving some relevant sizes ? Or just explain me from why these weak ratios appears ? Regards