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    Oregon City, Oregon USA
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    I love being a carpenter. Of course, I love building amplifiers and speakers. Nelson Pass is my hero--so are Choky and Magura, ha!
  1. Very beautiful fabrication! I've never seen such attention to detail on this scale, and in duplicate as well. I wish you a billion years of listening pleasure.FFL, you are an amazing craftsman!!
  2. Donut a' la overkill

    Just found this thread thanks to you, Choky. Magura is doing amazing work, here. WOW!!!
  3. Donut a' la overkill

    Ahhhh... ok.... will it drive two F4s?

    Thanks for remembering, you wonderful fellow, you! Happy New Year!
  5. I'm not hearing much from Papa lately. He must be busy running his business. My last email indicated a desire to fabricate to his specs.
  6. Turns out, he'd rather have a wooden chassis--doesn't want a lid. I wonder if he wants a wooden chassis for a tube amp? He hasn't specified a layout.
  7. Yes indeed. Perhaps Papa will trade straight across for a fancy routed wood chassis lid... he did mention "trade" in a private email.
  8. I sent an email to the owner of the site. Do you know who or what this site's about?
  9. Speaking of LU1014D, does anyone know where to obtain them without the cutting off an arm and a leg?
  10. Хвала. Надам се да ово ради.John for all I know, I just said you have a cute ass...
  11. Thanks for the welcome, guys. Sorry that I only speak English. Maybe there's a software translator?Choky, you're so bad! Ha.
  12. Such a beautiful forum. You guys have it made! Thanks for the wonderful pictures of Nelson. Wouldn't we all like to be his neighbor? Just looking at them, I find myself wanting to give him a hug, a cup of coffee, and as much of my time as he can stand. John (carpenter)