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  1. How to make your own DIY book charger 1. First, you should buy a small wireless charger. Look for one that is small, slim, and doesn’t raise the temperature too much while loading. Obviously, if the temperature goes too hot, it will burn the book. I bought this one from Amazon, you can search the key word on Amazon: Soopus-X wireless charger 15W for this item. 2. Next, find an old book you are willing to cut up. Make sure the cover not too thick because the thicker the cover is, the weaker the signal will be. 3. Then, you should use a pencil to mark the shape and position of the charger on the page. 4. Next, use a sharp knife to cut a hole in the book pages where the charger will go. 5. After that, you should also cut a hole for where the cable exits the book. 6. Then, hide the wireless charger inside the book and use tape to stick it. 7. Please note that, if you are using the same wireless charger I am using, you should get a QC 3.0 adapter or it won’t charge well. 8. This small wireless charger is too small to locate, especially when it is hidden under the book, so, you should find some thing to help to locate it. 9. If your phone do not have wireless charging feature, you should buy a receiver. After you finish, you will see the art just like here. Finally, It works. Amazon key word in case you need : Soopus-X wireless charger 15W The video on how I did it: link:
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