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RAT also know as ; good newsgroup for greenhorns in tube and related stuff  - little bunch of good and civilized ppl  - big bunch of civilized ppl  or   -nothing to say,except "Guru" or "man who loves to read "Zen and motorcycle maintenance" " .

Few more links are on my "Books" page ;

For start-I gave you more then enough ; probably you allready made full circle on net .


last, but not least -I must mention my late friend Fred Nachbaur ; as a
friend and fellow tube lover , he was and is always real example that electronic communication must not be inferior to any other sort of people's interaction and,most important ,that good ppl are good - no matter where they are on Mother Earth ,or even Heaven ..............

Fred's website is still alive, if you want to look at some of his projects. It's here:

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