Books or authors worth to mention - in fact just short list from memory , without mentioning those writen in my native language:
Hersey John - War Lover

Piersig M. Robert - Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance . An inquiry into Values

hm........this moment I realized that this page must be BIG , even if I choose to mention just authors , without specify titles ; so - I'll put just this two books here , mainly because I open them at least monthly.

So - let me to mention just few technical books :

Manley David - VTL Book

Radiotron Designers Hand Book , preferably 5. edition

                            not exactly the Book , but you can go to and grab just any
                             *.pdf file you can ,and read ;

EMT - Deutsche Perfektion  - a must have for anybody who own any EMT gadget ; also- a must have for anybody else who is willing to see how passion , love and care can be part of industry production.
Honestly - I have no such luck to see inside  EMT factory , but something like EMT 927 or EMT 930 can't be made just for money...........

Author - Signore Stefano Pasini can be reached via his home page

Co-author Herr Hans - Michael Fabritius can be reached via his home page

I can tell you that book is dirt cheap ........