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6 hours ago, Zen Mod said:

ne pije vode ispod 200W disipacije

za razliku od "regularnih" X i XA ampova , gde je izlaz source follower , ovde je SE i ne moze da izadje iz A klase

tako da kad je ispod 200W , ubrzo dodjes do strujnog limita , tako da je  bolje napraviti standardni amp koji nije u mostu

eve nakucah malo duze :





cascodes (one being for input LTP ,second one for emiter follower in-between LTP and OS) aren't in least amount critical for adaptive biasing

though , no matter what amount of outputs one intend to use , I think that lowest practical figure for dissipation is around 200W per channel .

Reason is simple - Aleph OS is strict A class jobbie (unable to do Klunk!, to transcend in AB class) , so even with smallest rails (say 18Vdc , lower than that starting to deal with nasty capacitances in output mosfets) there is finite practical minimal Iq ,just to avoid situation of Iq being grossly limiting factor for maximal power

as far as I'm able to comprehend , that would be +/-18Vdc rails , 5 mosfets per quadrant (so 20 per channel) , source resistors 1R , Iq aroundish 500mA per vertical pair, sum Iq aroundish 5A

thingie pretty much able to squeeze out 65W/8R and 40W/4R


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