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Few my DIY projects

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17 minutes ago, Vix said:

Hi Zhoro. Very nice. For some time I have also followed bulgarian diyaudio scene, but over time lost contact since I haven't been to Bulgaria since 2006 (I lived in Blagoevgrad for 5 years-student days). If I ever come again (if my wife allows-guess why :) I will come to listen to these speakers!

Vsichko dobro and just continue posting speaker pics! :)

Sorry, they already have a new lucky owner!
It may then be ready new project.

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Pay attention to the most important tool-panel behind /my job - I  must finish her -  never ever!/.



This reminds me on Cornu Spiral Horn speaker :)

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34 minutes ago, sir Oliver said:

Is this your design ( drivers, crossover, cabinet ) or some other guy?

  No one but me / for the first project ,for the construction of crossover  i used the services of "pas_bg" /.

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Jadni zvucni talas i ne zna sta ga je snaslo. :) 

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Excellent work !!!

I just want to point one thing if You don't mind. Air in the chamber have a mass. And center of that mass and-or volume. With this kind of bracing, that global mass-volume divided into many smaller volumes and masses. Also the center of global mass shift from one to many points, apart from each other.

This is resulting for driver to saw much smaller volume that it actually present, if You subs-tract volume of bracing from the global volume. Much smaller...

We have had this topic in the forum if I am remembering well, before some time. And a guy, remove inside bracing, reporting with the huge step forward in the sound outcome. In the lower end and ballance generally. The common builder reflex is just to add volume of bracing inside to accomplish same volume from the starting point, but it is not just like this...

On the other hand, walls are really isolated. :)

Try to measure the cab, and compare to the simulated result in the low region. If it is differs, it would be from that effect i was explain. And it will act like smaller volume in the simulations.

cheers :)

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