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prakticki ozvanicen bootleg... sirovo,presno,bez audiofiljistickog sarma" :guitarplayer:

"I bought my copy from the band after a show in London - yes, it's a bootleg that the band was selling after the show. I think it's the best live album ever by any group ever! I'm still listening to mine nearly 40 years after buying it. Rampant Synchopatio is pretty good too but there's nothing that captures the live performance as much as Electrif Lycanthrope! "



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Napisano (izmenjeno)

nije čudno što su Marcin Wasilewski Trio muzičari sa kojima je Tomaž Stanko završio karijeru

čudno je što do sada nisam spoznao ezoteriju u izrazu Jona Balkea


kupujte Ploče i CD, one imaju omote sa slikama, svašta-nešto se nalazi na njima


Izmenjeno od Woland
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"About ‘Deus Arrakis‘ Klaus Schulze says: „On the one hand this album was created as spontaniously as all my albums before, on the other hand it has a special history: when I produced my eleventh album ‘Dune‘ in 1979 I already knew the ‘Dune‘ triology by Frank Herbert inside out like other people knew their ‘Lord of the Rings‘. I was totally fascinated by this monumental story of the desert planet und I read the books over and over again. I asked Arthur (Brown) and Wolfgang (Tiepold) to come to my studio and started creating my own musical ‘Dune‘. And with the track ‘Frank Herbert‘ from my previous album ‘X‘ I wanted to show respect to the great author. After the following film versions -not really satisfying in my view- the ‘Dune‘ theme was not in my focus anymore and was forgotten for a long time. But suddenly - about 40 years later - I heard of plans regarding a ‘Dune‘ remake by Denis Villeneuve – which totally unexpected hit a spot with me. I started to read the books again and even rewatched the film by David Lynch. Actually, I do quite a lot of reading currently, as I now have the time for it! After a while I then also started making music again but did not really think of ‘Dune‘ anymore. Months later the phone rang and Lisa (Gerrard) connected me to her friend Hans Zimmer. He had this idea for a cooperation... exactly for that very ‘Dune‘ remake by Denis Villeneuve! We got on well from the start – just like me, Hans also is a huge fan of ‘Dune‘ – and the result indeed ended up being in the 'Dune' movie. Truly incredible how sometimes circles open up, cross and then close again in the end. However, I was caught again by the deserts of ‘Dune‘ and needed more ‘spice‘. Excitedly I returned to my studio and found a cello recording by Wolfgang Tiepold. From there I felt completely unleashed and just played and played… at the end of that second private ‘Dune‘ journey I realized: ‘Deus Arrakis‘ became another salute to Frank Herbert and to that great gift of life in general."

Released July 1, 2022

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