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Šta trenutno slušam . . .

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NASA just received their last message from the Cassini spacecraft, which plunged into Saturn.

This mix is for Cassini, the track titles tell the story.

00:00 David Sylvian - Preparations for a Journey
03:05 Cliff Martinez - Have a Good Trip
04:47 Max Richter - Journey 3 & 5
06:00 Balanescu Quartet - Empty Space Dance
09:15 Robert Fripp & Theo Travis - Return to Saturn
13:27 Cliff Martinez - Finally, you two meet
15:15 Jóhann Jóhannsson - I am Here
18:35 James Newton Howard - I'm Listening
20:03 James Newton Howard - Talk to Me
20:41 Broken Gramophone - Titan
23:55 Echospace - Longing for Life
24:30 Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie - Bring This Place to Life
26:50 Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - What Must be Done
28:40 Clint Mansell - Death is the Road to Awe
35:00 Max Richter - Never Fade into Nothingness
43:51 Hammock - Things of Beauty Burn
48:00 36 - Sky Fire

51:35 M83 - Undimmed by Time, Unbound by Death


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