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Magnum mc 250

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Setting bias I have learnt for FET amps is a bit hit or miss.

I load the amp with the current set to zero on the pre-set.

Then a 10KHz signal is plug in so the the 8 Ohm load RESISTOR has just 2 Volts Pk-Pk

You can then clearly see the Cross Over distortion on a scope.

Adjust the pre-set with care until the distortion is gone, keep a careful monitor of the heat sink temperature and it is best a a ambient of 25C

The Amp will sound amazing and run slightly warm and low levels.

I hope this helps?

Best Col

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We have done the same thing in the past. Magnum and now it plays nice and smooth. Thanks for the suggestion and if you can get a little more details about this enhancer with which you were in the picture, I would be grateful.


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Kasno se javio konstruktor.

Nije me pre interesovalo, ali sam sad sve iscitao, i  proguglao, tako da je ovo po svemu sudeci zavrsni rezultat; evo slike sa komsijskog fifi foruma. Opis u oglasu je, pa da tako kazemo  - neodoljiv!


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