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DIY Tannoy Westminster Royal

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Furniran S1.Stranice A nisu zalepljene, gornja ploča G nije zalepljena. Razlog je velika težina kutija, koje će se u kasnijim koracima morati okretati.

Part S1 veneered.The A sides are not fixed, the top plate G is also not fixed in this moment to the box. The reason is the large weight of the boxes, which should be rotate in later steps of production

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Ovaj deo nije na crtežima. Ovako rešenje je primenjeno za formiranje krivina prednje horne. Napravljen je nosač, koji naleže 5mm na otvor prednje strane H, i jedan deo iznutra na H. Zadnji deo nosača naleže na S1. Isto, nosač je uradjen i za gornju krivinu, sa istim principom naleganja na H i S1.Nosač za formiranje donje krivine

This part is not on the drawings. This solution was applied to form the curve of the front horn. There was made a carrier which one part lays 5mm on the hole of the front side H, and the other part lays inside the H. The rear part of the carrier lays on the S1. The same way, another carrier was made for the upper curve too, with the same principle of laying on H and S1.On the picture : carrier for forming the lower curve

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