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On August 8, 2017 at 2:09 PM, NIXIE said:

Ostalo mi dosta lima i brezona, možda napravim nešto ovako sledeći put


Glava za vodjenje iz neke rakete? :-)

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4 minutes ago, black coffe said:

Fali sako , il uniforma ? :)

Ne znam za sako, ali lampe su skupe, znači neki High End mora biti.

They bring up the level of a 211 Class A amplifier to a new level and I did a lot of testing yesterday.

They sound better than a 1940 General Electric VT-4-C and are right up there with the mystical RCA Radiotron 211 from the 1930s. The difference being that you can buy the Elrog versions fresh and for a lot less money, $1500.00 a matched pair.

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