EMT 930st , Lenco L75 , Lenco L78 , Garrard 401 and , uh , some plastic Denon ....

Just a tip - if you need good and honest care for your EMT , go to Hans - Michael Fabritius's site  :  http://www.fabtech.de

There you can , also ,find a pretty much a bargain book about EMT history and lots of usefull informations about these gentle monsters ........

Herr Fabritius is  co-author of below visible book , and main author - Signore Stefano Pasini can be reached on http://www.stefanopasini.it

Signore Pasini is second World's biggest EMT fan....off course - I'm the biggest EMT fan ;) .

What is also important - Stefano Pasini is collector and pilgrim of several TT brands - just few of them are EMT , Lenco and Garrard ..............

So , click on any of these two links ,and hurry to grab your own EMT - Deutsche Perfektion
Just for start - exploded wiev of EMT930st from original Bedienungsanleittung :
and - Birth Certificate of one of my EMTs ; just looking at these data , you can see it is not just another one Hi Fi Fi Fi turntable . This gentle giant just pushes music from black discs .....  :