My various musings from www.diyaudio.com .....mainly at Pass forum
My Babelfish J.......is that Papa Nelson's Aleph J?
My Babelfish J X-ed . Not tested
Oly's little sym amp . Tested
Jfet BOSOZ for Babowana . Not tested
Jfet BOSOZ. Not tested
Jfet cascoded CCS-ed BOSOZ for Steenoe.Tested.
SUSY amp variant.Not tested
SUSY amp variant 2.Not tested
My Toob SUSY. Concept
My Toob SUSY ,with folowers .Concept
Pass F1-F4 bastard. Not tested.
The Pumpkin - Jfet SUSY complete diff preamp - ordered by Steen.
Developing now .More here.