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  1. I continue with the collection of the cabinet; Now I can make the exact measurement of the volume. And that's 31.5l, just as much as I need!Oh, l forget to show you what I did to get that volume!I maked a filter compartment (for the MW and TW), the W section will be in the box; I previously make the last layer-10 mm MDF / to get a sandwich construction / on the front panel and the bottom; Last constructive action ; After 10 hours I will install the last layers of 2 x 4 mm bent MDF;
  2. And the original model will look like this;
  3. I have an idea to make a new project to in the base there should be two 10" loudspeakers - just an idea. They look like animals, maybe dinosaurs, but important are 20Hz.
  4. Preprocessing of the internal ribbing; I can now start collecting the cabinet;
  5. I will certainly do so on this date, but I have not specified which year will be .
  6. I'm sorry, some total trickery with my the server and the internet! My brandy is 50 degrees, but it's not the problem.
  7. Without the shells, the basics, and the end caps, everything else has to be restarted.
  8. "situation comedy, sitcom",so is more correct.
  9. "The world lasts is exist ,because it laughs"
  10. I'm 57 years old and I have the answer is simple, I have a problem with my ego, but also with alcohol, my "beloved" state and the fact that I was not born in other latitudes.
  11. I have registered in more than 40 forums, I have asked this question and do you know how many answers are correct? - 1, and this guy offered to fill the volume with beer! There were variations with sand, rice, cat food ...... I will try to explain why exactly water? 1 kg is аpproximately equal to to 1l, ie. Their specific resistance is the same. It is marked with the Greek letter "ro". When you use dry sand (at least you have to wet it), you have to calculate this "ro", otherwise you will get a volume that has nothing to do with the correct answer. Joro
  12. The moment has come when i must find a volume of complex shape, before that I have to do some preparation. From waste material I made this gadget ,that takes part in the measurements and when assembling the cabinet: I have to do some preparation of the details; On the sixth photo, the red line is the waterline,must be fill with water next to it / everything must be perfectly horizontally!/. -I measure the weight of the my vented inner construction - 3.5 kg.-The amount of water is 42 l. in the box; 42-3,5= 38,5l, 4.5 l more than what's needed - what's next?I know the total volume, now everything is very simple there are several options for correction;- purely mathematical / small planarity, simple algebra and axonometry /- methodically- it can be done in several ways.There are more options ..later.