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  1. Dobijam aktivacioni mejl, ali kada pokusam logovanje izlazi upozorenje kao na slici.
  2. Ne treba...
  3. OrCAD
  4. Roni
  5. A ako je veliki i inzenjer ???
  6. srecna gradnja
  7. Koji zadatak ima mikrokontroler i kog je tipa? D.L.
  8. Ova masina mora da bude bez bruma.
  9. Ziv bio gace nosio...
  10. Citao sam: It is important that the filter capacitor has low ESR and low ESL so that it maintains low impedance at high frequencies. For this reason it is unwise to employ only a film capacitor. A film capacitor should be bypassed with a large-capacitance ceramic NPO capacitor. ( Designing Audio Power Amplifiers, Bob Cordell) Dakle, da probas bajpas kermickim kondenzatorom ( NP0) ili mozda bolje nekim stirofleksom npr 10nF preko film kondenzatora u izlaznom LC filtru?
  11. Pogledaj na aliekspresu gotove module. Mozda ti se nesto svidi, mada takva trgovina moze da bude rizicna. Primer http://www.aliexpress.com/item/LJM-Audio-Hi-end-L20-200W-8R-V9-2-Audio-Stero-Power-Amplifier-Board-with-Angle/2019258052.html?spm=2114.10010108.1000014.6.TsrP9Z
  12. To su TREC kondenzatori.